Our Wallflower




Urban Dictionary: Wallflower

a type of loner. seemingly shy folks who no one really knows. often some of the most interesting people if one actually talks to them.


Our RV The Wallflower

Our RV The Wallflower


March 13 2014

We’ll we found a RV today It was a long search on Craigslist but I think well worth it.  It is a 1983 Winnebago 30 ft. She drove like a champ. Needs a few things mostly cosmetic and a tune up. We paid $2,000. for her and he wanted $3,500.  So I was able to stay in the budget I wanted to spend but it was way under what Mark wanted to spend. We think the guy was being honest, Guess we will see. I’m very excited to start on the cosmetics and get this Wallflower set up for off grid living!



April 11 2014

Today we finished priming the cabinets and walls, took out the huge long counter top, sink, stove, microwave and bottom cabinets. We also pulled down the loose ceiling tiles.


April 20th 2014

Painted the ceiling today and also started on the cabinet doors. I thought the blue was to bright but after I put my glaze on I was very happy! Yes that is a flower. Could not keep my inner Hippie contained. Now I need to figure out a wall color. I know I keep changing but once you get the paint done the lighting is so different in the RV.


May 24th 2014

Almost done with the bedroom! We tore everything out and laid new wood down for the mattress.  This was the easiest way for us to do the bedroom since it had previously had two separate beds.Will look great once I get my fabric and king size mattress in there.


June 3rd 2014

I finished all the painting except for the door on the passenger side. I got paneling to put on the bottom of both windows after we take Salvage Sally’s out.now just trying to figure out what to do with the mirror. I’m going to paint ita different color maybe red but not sure if I should do a chalkboard,maybe a storage area for recipes or make it into photo frame for pictures of the family. The places you do not see paint in the kitchen is going to be a Spanish tile.

June 5th 2014

Got a lot of work done today. We put up some paneling, finished the bedroom,and put in a few shelves for the kitchen area. I also started on the last cabinet door. It had a long mirror on the front so I decided to do chalkboard. Now one more coat than I’ll paint it again maybe red.

June 10th 2014

Just got all my fabric up in the bedroom! Now it is time for the mattress, quilts and tons of pillows. Did not sound like I did a lot to mark but trust me It did. I spent about 3 hours total.

June 13th 2014

Finished my chalkboard today and we were able to get the grey water tank off Sally. The grey water tank on the wallflower had a huge hole in it. We also found a nice size leak in the gas tank as well. I still feel we did get our money worth. We just learned from this. The next time if ever crawl under the RV.

June 26th 2014

It rained today so we could not go work on Salvage Sally. On a great note though the ceiling tiles are up.  I ordered the tiles off Amazon for about $7.00 each. So much cheaper than the big box stores. They were a bit big so we ended up having to cut one in half to make it all work. I am in love! We also hung up the chalk board. So even though it rained I feel we accomplished a lot.

July 12th 2014

Barn boards! I am so excited! It was a nice drive getting them but well worth it. I sanded them down lightly and added antique oil to them. I am very happy with how they have turned out. Now bet your wondering what I am going to do with them in a RV lol. These Barn boards are going to turn into my kitchen cabinets and a compost toilet. I am curious to see how the toilet turns out. I had found them online for about $170.00 with out shipping included and I could not see paying that much for a wood box. If this turns out well I may start selling them online myself at a cheaper price and have a more authentic product. 

July 18th 2014

We were able to take the captain chairs out of the RV today. I am having new fabric put on them and the dog house. I was able to find someone that would let me use fabric that I had bought myself. He said it would be a month out so that will give us time to put in the floors under the chairs.  I am fine with how we have been moving on the RV but it does seem to take some time to get things done.

July 24th 2014

Mark surprised me yesterday he sanded all the old material off the floor board and then put a undercoating down. Wow does it look nice. I posted a after and before so you could see what he did.

What a great weekend of work we had! Mark and Gary were able to switch out the fuel tank we took from Salvage Sally. We took off the black waste tank, put up the license plates, finished painting the bathroom and started on the toilet. There is still about 4 hours of work left on the toilet box and it will be done. Hope everyone’s weekend was as productive as ours!

Aug 1st 2014

Well it looks like we may of taken a small step back on the RV. Mark noticed a wet spot on the ceiling and some staining. We agreed that we should find the leak before it gets worse. I went to work the next day and Mark headed out to the RV to find the leak. Well this is what I came to to. As you can see in the photos the sunlight coming through the roof. They had taken out the antenna and did no seal the holes properly. On a good note my back splash came in today for the kitchen and I will get to order the cool ceiling tiles I wanted from Amazon. So there was a silver lining to this set back.

March 5th 2015

Chairs are done!




May 28th 2015

Mark and I were having a hard time finding the right countertop in our budget so we decided to make one. Mark bought three 2×10’s and glued them together. I than put two different colors of stain on the boards after they were sanded. We spent around $47.00 dollars and I absolutely love it!


June 1st 2015

We started putting the tiles up that I ordered off Amazon last year. We ran out of grouting half way through so we had to stop. We plan on getting more next weekend  so we can finish the backsplash. I must say I’m very excited to see how they look when we are finished.

It actually feels like we are getting closer to the finish line. We still have to decide on something for the celing, install the countertop, buy trim for the tiles and countertop, insert the sink and stove, put the flooring in, replace the window and add paneling, make curtains, touch up painting, complete bathroom countertop and order a cheap sink, finish the water lines and propane lines.  Doesn’t sound like a lot but our goal is to be done with the RV by September 2015 .  Guess we will see how it goes .



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