Salvage Sally

Salvage Sally

Salvage Sally

May 1st 2014
We purchased anther RV who I call Salvage Sally to take parts from. Sally has seen better days for sure.  We found her in the free classified and paid $500.00 for her.  This find should put us 2 months ahead in completing ours.  If  we can salvage the parts needed from her we should save about 2,000.00. We are thinking we  may also make a little money selling the good parts we do not need for our RV. So I am very excited to see my husband start on that. Here’s a photo of Salvage Sally. I left the keys at home so did not get any photos of the interior.
June 12 2014
Well last night after 2 hours we managed to get Salvage Sally moved to my Brothers house . She purred like a kitten once we got her started and drove like a dream. To bad she is salvage parts for us but when you see the drivers seat you will understand why. Thanks Tim for letting us park that beast for a few weeks at your place. I’ll let you keep the lighter and funnel but I am keeping prayer card you found in there!
July 10th 2014
So the chapter of Salvage Sally is finally over! We were able to take lots of parts from her that we needed to complete our RV. We saved a ton of money by finding her. Sally actually ran so we were able to trade the motor and transmission for work on ours  What a great find she truly was!

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