Lesson Learned

Ok….here we go peps, if you read the craigslist page , you may have read some of the things we learned . But here I will discuss the need to stick with your gut, your sixth sense or common sense and don’t listen to that little red guy setting on your shoulder saying yes…yes…buy it, yeah you know that guy, the one that gets in trouble all the time, the one that never is around when you want to blame someone for your own stupidity . So if you listen to the voices of wisdom going through out your noggin , just think off all the cents you will save in the long run. Like what I used to tell the guys that worked for me ” Learn from my mistakes , for I have done them so you don’t ” !  So Lesson learned.

1. If it seems to good to be true, it most likely is. we’ve all been their, you really want something bad….” that red guy ” like a phone call,” hey you just won lots of money “….but I need your ssn and birth date and all your bank account numbers to process your winnings…well it applies when buying something like a….RV, Camper etc….if it seems to good question it…luckily in todays world we have cell phones that take pics…have pics sent before you drive a ways , if he won’t that’s a sign, or if the add has all outdoor our indoor pics…as Ron White say…” Here’s Your Sign ” well read it.

2. Research what you plan to buy before you go…with the great resources of the internet, how could you not ?

3. Ask questions…don’t be afraid , really like your school teachers used to say, their is no such thing as a stupid question…..No really their is ! Like asking a heavy set lady that you don’t know if she is pregnant …now that is a stupid question. But back to the Rv, listen for words that don’t play well like it use to work, but I don’t have propane to check it ??? do you SEE the sign….it doesn’t work …Right ! Or it runs fine the last time I used it, but he doesn’t know when he used it last .

4. If it is screwed shut , and it isn’t suppose to be what do you think ?  Yes ” Here is your sign ” they are hiding something and I assure you it isn’t the outdated cloths.

5. First look at the tires , cracks and worn tread isn’t a good thing. Even if the tread is good but the walls are all cracked , the tire isn’t any good. Tires for RV can run pretty high starting if lucky for off brand around $250 275.00 for high brand name tires as high has $500-600 and steer tires can’t be recaps were as the rear tires can and those you may pick up considerably cheaper, but check state laws and regulations, I personally not a fan of recaps. Now camper tires can be considerable less, simply being under a different category and you can use a bias grade tire. in lieu of radials. these tires can range just like your truck or car tires…$ 65-300.00 ea. Also carry a spare even on your RV even if you have no intentions or the tools to change that tire, it will save you dollars when…not if the service call vehicle comes out ,not to mention they may not have the exact same brand , which if it is the steer tire could create handling issues and in some states the front tires are required to match up…so again check your local laws. So if the rig your looking at has some tire issues, you can use that to negotiate your cost down.

6. Here is the fun part….crawl under the rig, yes your going to get dirty. Now what to look for anything out of place , wires hanging , look for leaks oil, fuel…now we didn’t get under ours to look ….LOL because it was raining and I didn’t want to get muddy. My wife still rubs that in every now and then. But our fuel tank had a leak, and both of the waste tanks were bad, the waste tank had a huge hole in it and that would’ve been caught simply by getting dirty. So that was an unneeded cost that we didn’t expect, but we got through it. Shocks are another thing to look at, and it isn’t uncommon the mounts that they hang off of bend or break. Look at your exhaust system , hanging brackets and the exhaust in general , this can be a expensive cost, but if you know it is bad, again a great negotiating tool. Look at your waste water tank and waste tank, look for holes or signs of patch work, our waste water tank had sever signs of patch work…now how would it look driving down the road at 65 and dropping turds and pee as you go ?? Not good. Now these tanks if you have an older rig are not cheap, waste water tank can run about $250 on up if you can find it..the waste tank can run more again the older rigs these are hard to find and in some cases have to be made. Now for your oil leaks …….well much like older vehicles you have to be aware you will have them. it al depends on which one you have that may determine if you want it or not, check fluid levels , if oil looks milky you have big issues, if your exhaust when you start it up blows blue smoke you have some issues , which could be head gaskets out , worn valves , lifters and push rods getting worn , either way would lead to the top half of your motor being rebuilt .


updating to follow.


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