Oh…boy , let me tell you this page can be friend or foe, and we found out it was a little of both. You know when your wife starts to think……smoke….no honey just kidding. But anyway this was one struggle, her thought let’s buy something cheaper and fix it up….what…no hun, let’s buy something mid range and live with it , was my thought. Well after weeks of bouncing around like a pin ball, we decided mid range…no oh…wait was it cheap and fix it up, like I said we bounced around. Well being the nice guy I am, I thought to myself, ok she wants cheap , let’s show her cheap, this will open the eyes of power, meaning my wife. So she had me call this guy who’s add she had seen the previous week, get this he is at a local camp ground not far from us…oh great we go. So I call the guy he proceeds to tell me that he and his family are midstream to moving to Florida and this is the last thing to sell off before they leave. We go out and look at it , he want’s 2k for it LOL…yeah right, what the hell are you getting for 2k, both pictures in this case did a beautiful magic act . But …yep …always that BUT…we are looking at and I’am doing everything not to bust out laughing , at my wife…see….see…what did I tell you, by the look in her eyes you could tell, oh yeah you could tell her thoughts…..of oh…shit ! what was I thinking . Well to make a longer story shorter we said our thanks and that this wasn’t for us and left . Next we had this add and were looking at another dream, yep you guessed it a cheaper. I know exactly what your thinking, didn’t you guys learn your lesson from the last camper you looked at ? Well obviously not…But hey this guy want 2.5k yep that’s $ 2,500.00 dollars for a camper and place to sleep sounds great right.. LOL….not really. Now this guy was a true friend and let me tell you why. he was covered in tattoo’s , and no I don’t have an issue with them because I have a few to boot. But so we hit it off, so I thought. He had it all out and opened for us, walked us through, hell even told us that they just used it last weekend, well let me tell you at first glance and in dim light this camper was a Grand Hilton compared to the last one we looked at. We walked through it  even noticed that the cabinet doors on both sides of our new bed were screwed shut…no worries I’ll fix that. So we made an offer sat at his table on the deck…this guy was so nice he offered us a pop and wanted to smoke with us…yes smoke the illegal stuff. What a guy I thought, must of been the tattoo’s that gave him the impression I smoked, hell I was so far out of touch when he first asked I thought he was offering me a cigarette , no wonder when I said no he thought I was joking. So we made the deal under dim lights and at first glance, what a way to shop, shock hands had decided to pick it up the following day, no hitch. Well got it home plenty of funny looks the 60 mile drive home, drove it home with one flat, not bad still had three good tires, after all he did tell us the tires were all new. Now it’s home sitting in our drive, yes we are some happy campers….after all this I wonder what ass came up with that saying, I was 2,500 out and this big 32′ turd sitting in my drive way ,well actually very small driveway and not to mention countless hours of work ahead of me. So we got started cleaning and ready to do our thing. Teena starts with wall paper, we read just pull it off, yeah well she did this and the wall came with it…Oh well better now than when off grid right, that’s what we thought. Next it was we need to look at this and this, then you remember the cabinets next to the bed….yep those are the ones screwed shut, well that was because behind closed door 1 and 2 were dry rot and holes, you could damn near see your tail lights. So it ended up being a complete tear out, of which we thought some paint a little up dating…oh no…we are not that lucky. But yep those big buts get in the way, I was thinking my friend isn’t a friend and I should’ve taken his offer of smoking some weed, at least I could’ve had a good excuse to how I ended up with this turd. So to put closure to this we decided to donate to the next sucker, down the road and cut our losses . But no, Teena being who she is found a person, we explained everything wrong and needed, they came and looked at, and took it away. They say to a boat person the happiest two days are the day you buy your boat and the day you sale your boat, been their done that, and let me tell you it can apply to campers as well ! I laugh at myself in all of this , simply it started out with my intent to teach Teena the difference between a crapper and a camper and it turned out Teena taught me something and that lesson is, never make a deal under dim lights and at a glance…oh yeah and smoke some weed if offered, you’ll feel better about yourself when the lights are on ! The best part of this all is Teena’s friend that we donated this camper to,  turned it into a mobile spade and neuter clinic ! Mark image


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