How My Journey Started


This is my journey to a off grid lifestyle. I hope it will inspire others to step outside their square box and start their own journey.

My Husband Mark and I had dreamed for years of moving to the mountains and living off the land. It was just merely a dream to us.  Something we thought would never happen unless we won the lottery until one morning in November of 2013.

I woke up that early morning and decided it was time for a change. I looked at my husband and said we need to go off grid. I am pretty sure he thought I was crazy from the look he gave me. He than turned to me and said you can not just up and move to a piece of land. How in the world do you think we would survive. You have to have money for these kind of things. I do not take no for a answer so that was the moment my mission started to change our way of life.

Over the next 3 months I started planting seeds in his head. I researched off grid living, how to build a home from your land and anything else I could get my hands on. I ordered books from Amazon and tagged him in posts on facebook to make it seem like a reality and not a fairy tale. Before long I found him looking for land on the internet. It was working! He was starting to look out of his square box that he sat in. As I was researching I found some land in the Southwest. Not the best land for planting a garden but the summer and winters were mild. The best part about this land was that you would have to drive a long way on what Iowa calls Level B roads to get there. The land laid in a area that used the same name I made up in a game a few years ago. Sounds crazy but I saw it as a sign and yes I was going to jump on it.

I decided to take a 5 day vacation from work and told him that we needed to look at this land I had found on the internet. Again he looked at me like a crazy lady and said fine but we are not buying anything. I did not dare tell him about the sign I thought I was given. Long story short we went on a 24 hr road trip, looked at some land and came home a land owner.

Now my husband is excited about the land we purchased. He is wanting to move now as well. The only problem is getting to that transition. Now my next step is to get everything thought out and together so we can actually move to this vacant piece of land and make a homestead.

As I jump in to this crazy journey I plan to write about all my experiences. I know I have a lot of friends and family that think we are truly crazy. By doing this I hope I can open their eyes so someday they will step out of their square box and start their own journey.



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