I am so excited the land will be paid off after three more payments !

So much has changed since we started this journey almost five years ago. I guess I pictured my self having everything done from downsizing to having money saved to move. Life happened!

Tomorrow I will start going through stuff to downsize. I wish I could give it away but We need the Money to help keep moving.

I hope I am not to attached to my material possessions. I would like to think over this past four years I have learned that less is more.

Guess we will see.


Tiny Fest Midwest

I am so excited! My friend found a Facebook post on this and tagged me. They are actually hosting the event in my hometown of Colfax Iowa. I really hope a lot of venders and speakers sign up for this event. I would love to walk inside a Mongolian Yurt and actually see trailers that are specifically designed for a Tiny House. If anyone is interested you can find the event at Let the count down begin! 

Side Tracked

We have been focusing on our jobs and getting as much overtime as we can. It takes our entire day since we are on second shift. We have not been able to touch the RV over the last few weeks but hopefully with all this overtime we can get a step ahead. I looked and we have about 10 weekends left to get the RV where we need it before winter. I keep thinking that all this sacrifice we are making this year will get us there in May 2016. I can’t wait till the day that money does not make my world go around and I can go out, enjoy life and just live!